Keep The Face Clean For Acne Free Skin

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that leaves its mark on approximately three million people in the United States. An average of 85% of all teens will experience acne during their teen years. While not as common, acne also affects around 15% of adults. It is troubling to see that you have acne, and if you are one of the lucky few that has never had this experience acne you do not want to change things. Many different over-the-counter acne treatment products can be obtained so that you can begin to clear your skin. But there are also numerous other things that must be down to help rid the skin of acne.

One of those things is keeping your face clean. Poor hygiene itself is not a cause of acne, but it certainly contributes to the breakouts. Keeping your face clean will improve the appearance of the skin and help you feel better about yourself. Keeping your face clean will also keep the pores clear and eliminate the over production of sebum which causes breakouts.

Washing your face is something you must do two times per day. Do not over wash your face because this strips essential moisture and oils from the skin. But, do not fail to cleanse the skin either. Washing when you get up for the day and again before bedtime is the recommended was schedule that you will help you keep your face looking its best and impurities at bay.

A mild cleanser or soap will help you keep the face clean. Many products made specifically for acne are available if you would prefer to use one of these, but any cleanser will do. Be sure that your cleanser is made for your skin type. Know more on how you can avoid acne by going to

Always wash your face gently and never scrub. Scrubbing is unnecessary and can cause further irritation to the skin. Gentle, circular motions to wash your face is all that you need. be gentle to the skin all the time.

Washing the face is simple and if you are not already you need to do it yourself! Try washing your face and see what an improvement in your overall skin appearance and the acne that you see.

Make sure that you are keeping your face clean. It takes very little time for major results, so make sure that you are taking this small amount of time to get the skin you want to be in.